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Unmaintained Red gold star, gold scroll 1.0

No permission to download
Make the icons for nodes (forums/ link forums etc) into an elegant gold star with scarlet centre.
The matching Attachment icon is a gold scroll.

IMPORTANT LIMITATION: The BACKGROUND colour is white. I made these for my own use and offer them to share. But I'm not up to doing transparent backgrounds sorry.


Download node-sprite-star-red.png from the above graphic.
Upload node-sprite-star-red.png
to your site
(the italic bits may be individual to your site)

Rename the file node-sprite.png which is`already there to node-sprite-OLD.png

Rename the newly uploaded file node-sprite-star-red.png to node-sprite.png
(delete the extra -star-red part if the name).

IMPORTANT. I do not normally make the Link Forum item different as it seems to me that the user sees this as the same - they just want to open that section and it doesn't matter whether it's a link or the 'real thing.' But I could easily add a little dot to it if you wanted an indicator to remind you as admin that it's a link.

I also have the same graphic in blue or green if anyone is interested.


sprite demo.png

(In the sample the greyed out version has a greyish background. Thanks to ManOnDaMoon the graphic you download will not look like that because he polished mine up. Nice man.)
sprite demo2.png
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