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How to Install an Addon


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How to Install an Addon (version 1.2) - Step by step how to get those juicy addons!

Developers make beautiful mods for us. But some are accustomed to thinking on a high level so their instructions on how to get the add-on working do not include the very basic steps many of us need. So I made this little guide.

Originally a thread in a forum here. This is just a slightly edited transfer from that thread.

How to Install an Add-On for XenForo
For anyone who is not an expert!
Do not panic that the instructions are quite long. This is because every...

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Hi, I am trying to install the cemzoo sitemap add on and have followed the instructions as best i can (not an expert!). Every time i try to install the add on i get this message:

The files associated with this add-on could not be found. Please upload them and try again.

Any help would be appreciated. I have tried and tried with no success.......
It's possible you haven't uploaded them to the right directories.
Usually I find an addon will give you a set of files in folders like - library - styles - in its download

You need to log in your site via FTP, then upload all those folders of files into the directories on your site that match the folder names. Each set of files in each folder has to go in the right directory on the site. I usually do it by opening -library folder and opening - library directory - then CTRL+A select all on the left in the folder and upload to the -library directory on the right.
Do the same for -js or -styles or whatever other main folders you have.
If there are any other than a .txt help file, and one ending .xml then those will need uploading too.

Then you go in the admincp (the admin side of XF) go to the addon section and upload the file ending .xml which the addon supplied you in its download.

If this still doesn't work contact the developer of cemzoo sitemap add on in the Resources section on XF. There will be a Discussion link for support there.
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