RM 2.2 What size resource icon and how to install


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Just a question about resource icons. Is there an ideal size for uploading them? eg 500 x 500 or 200 x 200? ie would a smaller file size be better to reduce "load"?

Also, I have been uploading these manually every time I post a resource. Is this the correct way? I vaguely remember a couple of years ago, seeing something about the way to do it is upload the icon somewhere so it automatically uploads to a new resource (but can't find that post).
Thanks. I currently have 500 x 500 - will the larger size affect site loading or anything? It looks marginally sharper than 150 x 150 but not a lot in it so if smaller is better I'll do that. Is it better?
There is no point uploading an image with more pixels than will be displayed.

The maximum rendered size is 96 x 96.


However, the difference in loading time between a 100px image and 500px image will be negligible.
Should that be .png or jpeg? Just asking as all my home page photos are compressed jpegs to help with loading times, but didn't know if that's relevant for icons.
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