Lack of interest Auto resource icon and preview resource


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When uploading documents, word, xml, pdf, ect. or images, or anything. It would be nice if the resource manager screen captures a selection of pages e.g. every 3rd page and had default images for zip files. And for it to automatically create a resource icon for either using the 1st page image or letting you select, and selecting a default image based on the filetype if no preview images are available.

It makes the resources much easier to upload and creates a much more visually pleasant environment. It's soon to be 2016 and pinterest auto images, as does a site that is quite popular in the UK for educational resources: - In many ways the internet is quickly working towards drag it on screen and everything will be uploaded except a description. We're at great risk of being far behind.

It is possible and now people are beginning to expect images to auto import after upload. I've put a few images of what this could look like as a concept below. Currently it is a huge amount of effort to ensure the resource gets an icon & preview image, it significantly reduces the effectiveness & value of the resource manager.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 21.36.27.png
Image 1: The resource manager with icons included.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 21.36.05.png
Image 2: Resource, with preview images attached