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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.5
Additional requirements
This to work fully would need FFMPEG installed but not needed.
Visible branding
Welcome to a fully featured free gallery addon.
With this gallery you will be able to upload images and videos from your computer and from some of the most used websites like, youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, facebook and metacafe.

Your users will be able to rate, like and watch the media that's uploaded.
They will also be able to watch categories and get alerts by email or the xenforo's alert system.

This add-on uses ffmpeg to convert video's to mp4 format but dont worry if you dont have ffmpeg installed you can still upload video's but they would have to be mp4 files.
Installing FFMPEG

As an admin you will be able to
  • Change setting
  • Add media
  • Edit media
  • Delete media
  • Add categories
  • Edit categories
  • Delete categories
The admin options/setting are
Gallery Active
Image Borders
Category Images Per Page
Watermark Active
Watermark Image
Watermark Opacity
Watermark X Position
Watermark Y Position
Image Height ( When your members upload images )
Image Width ( When your members upload images )

Usergroup Options
Can group view the gallery?
Can upload to gallery
Can this group rate media
Media Moderator ( Can moderate any media )
Moderate New Media Added ( if set will put all new media in the un-approved media list in admincp )
Can this group view the media
Can this usergroup copy media
Can this group move media

What the users can do with this add-on.
Your users can view media content upload like rate and comment on media.
Take a look at the images this will show more on what they can do.

If you would like to demo this before installing it please feel free and goto my site and sign up its free.
You will be able to test all the user side of things.

Your users will have access to
The main page
My Media
Search Media
Watched content
Upload media
Age Restrictions

Please rate this add-on and support this add-on.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.
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Latest reviews

I try couldnt get layout right and worked loads on it still nothing i guess the best is paid gallery
After uploading, it doesn't show up anywhere for me or anyone else to use. I thought it was a permission issue, but it wasn't in permissions either. It doesn't seem to be compatible with the latest version of Xenforo, and the demo on doesn't work properly either.
this does work on permissions, you have rated this poorly but you have not posted anything about what problems you are having.
When you install this add-on you need to add your categories just like you would if it was a forum, all media needs to be placed in a category. If you could post the problems you are having it would help me to improve this add-on without this info how can any developer improve there add-on, but thank you for your comment
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