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Bingo (Beta) 1.0.6

Eyes down and lets play bingo

  1. Mike2020
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    Visible Branding:
    Yes, but removable with payment
    Eyes down and lets play bingo

    This is a bingo system where your users can play bingo.

    They will play bingo against the computer and try and win the jackpot that will be set when a bingo game is added.
    The jackpot will go up by a percentage of the cost of play per game till the jackpot is won.
    Once the jackpot is won it will be reset to a default jackpot amount set within the admin bingo options.


    Category list just like a forum list.
    View bingo game and information.
    Play different types of bingo games.


    List bingo games
    Add/Edit bingo games
    List categories
    Add/Edit categories

    When adding a bingo game you will have the choose of game type for that bingo game
    Game Types
    First line down across
    Second line down across
    Middle line down across
    Forth line down across
    Bottom line down across

    First line across down
    Second line across down
    Middle line across down
    Forth line across down
    First right line across down

    Four corners
    Top left to bottom right diagonal
    Bottom left to top right diagonal
    Full house

    The admin can also change the timer for each number to be called in default for this is 3 seconds.

    Also when a user makes a post within the forum it will add 5 bingo points to there bingo points totals
    This gives your users a reason to post in your site as they can soon run out of bingo points when playing the bingo games.


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