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Here is the new version of the bingo system.

There has been a lot of changes to this version.

New layout for responsive viewing so can be played on a mobile device see images.

New layout when adding or editing bingo games within admincp as well as new options.
Removed the calling blue ball as did not look right and changed this to the last 5 numbers called.

You can now add a background image to the bingo stage.
you can add a background to the bingo called numbers board re game.

This gives you the option to make every bingo game look different from all others.

Some PHP code changes too.

Templates change


Bug fix on the calling board numbers braking.

Added new bingo games so you now have all these

  • anyline.jpg
    Any Line
  • rowaacross.jpg
    First Line Down Across
  • rowbacross.jpg
    Second Line Down Across
  • rowcacross.jpg
    Center Line Across
  • rowdacross.jpg
    Forth Line Down Across
  • roweacross.jpg
    Bottom Line Down Across
  • topleftbottomright.jpg
    Top Left To Bottom Right Diagonal
  • bottomlefttopright.jpg
    Bottom Left To Top Right Diagonal
  • fourcorners.jpg
    Four Corners
  • rowadown.jpg
    First Line Left Down
  • rowbdown.jpg
    Second Line Left Down
  • rowcdown.jpg
    Center Line Down
  • rowddown.jpg
    Forth Line From Left Down
  • rowedown.jpg
    First Line From Right Down
  • fullhouse.jpg
    Full House
More game types to come

you can also choose the bingo card style you want per game
Choose Bingo Card Style:
  • bingo_card1.jpg
  • bingo_card2.jpg
  • bingo_card3.jpg
  • bingo_card4.jpg
More to come

Please right a review if you like this add-on many thanks


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Hi all

Here is the new version of the bingo system and a list of changes to this new version.

Template changes
Added a new play bingo template
Added Timer Css templates for changing the style
Changed play bingo pages

New Options
Play Game Background
Game Play Template
Ball Count Style

Add Game New Options
Upload Bingo Background Image
Remove Background
Header Color to Play Page
Header Font Color
Calling Number Ball Color
Choose Bingo Card Style


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  • bingo_card3.jpg
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  • bingo_card4.jpg
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Just an up as the categories were not deleting when you clicked the link.

The reason for this is i missed a template and this fix just installs the missing templates
Have now added a new option within the bingo options to choose your banking system [bd] Banking or Bingo Points

Also change the layout to the play bingo page and added some more affects.

When a number is called it will stay highlighted to stand out on the main board before the next number.

Also changed the Ball count to a animated counter for better effects.
This is a bug fix as i have found that when in a forum and viewing attachments they would not show.

Also added 2 new options within the bingo options to set the amount a user is awarded for making a new post and making a new thread.