Unmaintained Gallery 1.1.2

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This fixes some errors that where happening in the last release.
These errors was on line 888 of the gallery.php file in the module folder,
and one in the index file where a missing id was giving an error.

There also has been a change to the layout to make it more responsive when viewing on a mobile phone or other device.
In the admincp gallery options have removed the frames from the images as this was one reason the images was not responsive.
Hey all here is the next version if the gallery system.

I have added in image and video ecards this is for uploaded images and video only.
This will email the receiver with a link to the ecard,
with the images they will show in the web browser and videos they will download.
In the next version i will have the video ecards show in an mp4 player in a web browser instead.

Added new options to the usergroups so that you can restrict users from installing youtube or dailymotion videos.

Users that can upload can send ecards no new option here.

Added the ability to post images from a forum post to the gallery.
Just click the post to gallery and if they post has images it will show you a list of the images, and the user would choose one to add to the gallery adding the description and so on.

Please rate this add-on as alot of work has gone into this and to have you rate it would be greatly appreciated


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There has been a lot of changes to the latest version of the gallery system.

Users can now report media using the xenforo report system.

New usergroup options
can search youtube
can search dailymotion
Can this usergroup copy media
Can this group move media
Can Make Media Featured

New options added to gallery options
Change Front page layout
Use featured block at top of page

Fixed some error messages that would come up.

Added a new video player jplayer.
Added mp3 player support.
Added stream url support ( add radio stations or live feeds )

This is the latest stable version of the gallery.


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Please update to the latest version as soon as possible as it has been brought to my attention of a SQL injection problem with the first version release.

This has now been fixed so please update
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