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Unmaintained FAQ Manager by Iversia 3.2.0

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  • [FIX] Case insensitive file name
  • [NEW] Added Open Graph support for questions
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  • [CHANGE] XenForo 1.2.0 or higher now required
  • [CHANGE] Redirect to newly added question after save
  • [CHANGE] Consolidated routes
  • [CHANGE] Updated templates to reflect XenForo 1.2.0
  • [FIX] JavaScript paths are not longer relative to root folder
  • [NEW] Added edit/delete question links to FAQ index
  • [NEW] Added page numbers to titles
  • [NEW] Added wrappers for BBCode/HTML/etc.
  • [NEW] Added FAQ sidebar to category pages
  • [NEW] Added top navigation tab link position option
  • [FIX] Fixed question BBCode not parsing on category pages
  • [NEW] Ability to "Like" answers
  • [NEW] Alert notifications for Likes
  • [NEW] Two (2) widgets for [bd] Widget Framework: Most Popular & Latest Questions
  • [NEW] Added new question click action: "All Questions Open"
  • [NEW] Added FAQ categories to NavBar
  • [NEW] Added category limit for NavBar
  • [NEW] Added manual category display order
  • [CHANGE] NavBar tab not longer appears if selected, unless always enabled
  • [CHANGE] Made specifying a question category mandatory
Working with the add-on installer again.
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