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Hey folks,

Programming has begun for the XenForo 2 version of this add-on. It is going to be for XenForo 2.1 and up, as I'd rather implement reactions instead of likes for the FAQ entries. There will be a beta release sometime in Q1 and I'm uncertain how much backwards compatibility I am going to do (if any) given how much the add-on structure has changed.

Sneak peeks will be available to my patrons, and I will be emailing people who have either donated in the past, or bought copyright removal with beta versions of the add-on. Thanks!
I'm not sure how many times I have to say this: do not remove or tamper with my copyright notice if you have not paid for removal. This includes modifying the files and messing with the file health check.

You may not redistribute this add-on. It is for download on Xenforo.com only.

For the rest of you awesome folks though (you know who you are): thank you!
  • [NEW] Support automatic XML sitemap building when used with XenForo 1.4
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  • [FIX] Added missing page number for canonical pagination on index
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  • [FIX] Fixes category cache so that they show up on the menu again
The next release will likely address a few usability improvements.
There are now three different FAQ layouts that you may choose from! With the potential for more to follow. :)

Additionally, if you happen to like the work that I do, please consider supporting my Patreon. Every little bit helps, and will likewise help me dedicate more time to my add-ons (both supporting the old and creating the new). It'd be super appreciated.
  • [NEW] Index page layouts: Jump Links, Question Columns
  • [NEW] Forced canonical URLs
  • [FIX] Incorrect class was being called for alerts
  • [FIX] Category heading no longer disappears when clicked
  • [FIX] Too small data type for display order on older installations
  • [FIX] RSS feed link not displaying correctly


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Missed updating the file sums/health check file.

Only upgrade if you are running XenForo 1.3.
  • [CHANGE] XenForo 1.3 Beta 3 or higher now required
  • [NEW] Upload attachments to your FAQ entries
  • [NEW] Users may ask questions which then get added to the moderation queue in order to be answered. When a question gets answered, the user will receive an alert.
  • [NEW] Category descriptions and page descriptions
Adds a missing template to the FAQ search form so that tabs no longer disappear.
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If you are upgrading to version 2.2.0, you will need to rebuild your search index in order for your questions to show up in search results.

In your Admin Control Panel, go to: Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild Search Index. Select 'xf_faq_question' and then rebuild your cache.
  • [NEW] 100% Integrated with XenForo search
  • [NEW] Sticky questions
  • [NEW] Sticky Widget for [bd] Widget Framework
  • [NEW] Added display ordering for questions
  • [NEW] Added file health checking
  • [NEW] Added caching for categories
  • [FIX] Fixed online list errors when a question cannot be found
  • [CHANGE] FAQ alert preferences will only be shown to those who can either a) manage the FAQ or b) have the ability to like answers
Added an error check for non-existent variables for upgraded installations.
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