ElasticSearch Essentials

Unmaintained ElasticSearch Essentials 2.4.13

No permission to buy ($30.00)
If you have elastic search you should have elastic search essentials. Runs well on our site. Great support from @xon!
Excellent search addon. Xenforo basic search is not very good. The enhanced elastisearch should be xenforo standard as it's quite functional. This add on then takes it to another level with a much better user experience... Instant thread suggestions and keyword suggestions "did you mean?".
It's a little pricey but I'd always pay extra for good support. This Dev responded right away when I had questions.
This is an amazing search addon that will offer a serious upgrade to your site. It adds predictive search with live preview, similar threads will avoid duplicate threads, 'did you mean'. This is all really useful and will greatly enhance search.

This high quality code runs smooth on my big board. Xon is really fast with updates and bug fixes. Solid addon!
You don't know what you're missing if you don't have this installed; the autocomplete search is EXCELLENT. The first 5 people I showed it to were all genuinely excited. My co-admin commented "This is so nice. The default XF search is somewhat clunky, this feels very modern and nice."

The similar thread suggestion feature I feel is better than anything else available for XF. I have it visible below Quick Reply and when typing a title for a new thread.

It reduces the number of duplicate threads and is one of those things that helps any forum.

Sure, this add-on requires ElasticSearch and XF Enhanced Search, but I wholeheartedly recommend even smaller forums getting them so that you can take advantage of ElasticSearch Essentials, its autocomplete search and similar thread suggestions.

As for how Xon supports his add-ons, it's out of this world. Had a small bug which I reported on a Saturday night, and wow, Xon debugged it in incredible detail and provided a fix right there and then.

If only all developers were like Xon...!
Finally a PERFECT similar thread function for XF. :) One of the best addons out there! This is a must have if you have ES installed!
Fixed a bug in half an hour! Software works as advertised no problems and is brilliant feature for members.
I've been running this add-on for some time, and love it. Just for kicks I enabled autocomplete today and I'm very impressed with how much it has improved since 2015. Autocomplete is going to stay on from now on! Congrats Xon!
Diamond in search relating addons. Like I said in last review, @Xon is able to fix every big or little bug you can somehow found in addon. Fixing bug wich stops me listing soft deleted posts, make my Admin life easier, much easier. Worth every little cent.
Like it! Huge improvements made by Xon. Absolutely superb and fundamental addon which makes search functionality not one, but two level above classic usability on forums.
Worth every little penny/cent. Autocomplete search, suggested search terms, searching for soft deleted posts... makes every forum owner with smile on his face.
I must say that Xon is there when you need any help with this addon, or when you found some bug. He fix it very fast, and that makes him accountable developer.
Thanks Xon, you are doing a great job. Keep on shining!
One of my goals with my site is to help my members to find what they need inside my site. This addon is great in that regard. Thank you very much.
Bad support, lot of bugs never fixed !!! ..
Hi, please try v2 as it contains a number of improvements.
With the latest subtle changes in this addon, this became an absolute gem. A must have for forums with a lot of content / knowledge that your members want to access. As always, excellent work Daniel! Keep up the good work :) Highly appreciated!