Donations by Siropu

Donations by Siropu 1.4.1

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Developer is very responsive. I really like this addon! Nice! Will purchase more from this developer.
Good quality add-on by Siropu, as always! Easy to setup and now has Crypto integrated into it. Must have donation add-on for any community.
Excellent Addon! Everything I wanted is in there! And even better the support is amazing! This is actually my 3rd Siropu Addon as they are always reliable and again I repeat the best support ever!
Like all Siropu addons, perfect. I've used TH Donate for years, but they don't want to actively fix errors, so I uninstalled that one and installed this, and its flawless. Simple, effective, works correctly with the latest stable server software.
Excellent donation system. Complete and robust, no detail is missing. Thanks to this great plugin I don't have to worry about developing my own tool. This plugin is very complete.
More of a front-end recommendation, adjust line 10 in template siropu_donations_widget_donate

Add: <i class="fas fa-comment-dollar"></i>

End result: <h3 class="block-minorHeader"><i class="fas fa-comment-dollar"></i> {$goal.title}</h3>
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