Donations by Siropu

Donations by Siropu 1.4.1

No permission to buy (€19.99)

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I purchased this add-on only to find that I cannot use it on my subscription forum.

The add-on will place the member into a donation usergroup but will never take them out again. As my members subscribe on a yearly basic this means that once subscribed they would never have to subscribe again.

The add-on does have options to setup recurring payments but this caused a load of hurt on my forum when I did try this out at one time. So doing it this way is also not an option.

The option to show the Display latest donations and Display top donors is a must have on my forum. However in this one it will also display the cash amount each member donates and this cannot be shown on my forum at all.

The idea of showing how much a member donated has been discussed on my current PayPal Donation system and was outright rejected by my subscribers. They feel it will put those only being able to donate a small amount in a bad light with other that donate higher amounts.

So in closing I now own an add-on that I am unable to use on my forum
Have you tested the latest version? Even though you have given a negative review based on features that weren't advertised, I have added them in 1.4.0
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