DL6 - [Widget] Popular threads and posts

DL6 - [Widget] Popular threads and posts 1.1.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
With this add-on you can show the most popular threads/messages posted in the current day, week, month, year, all time and with a custom days period. You can also put a limit to show threads/posts by specific forums.


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Latest updates

  1. Minor changes

    Minor changes to the template dl6_widget_posts_list_full
  2. Template update

    Now use the template thread_list_macros in the full style option for threads.
  3. Added 2 new widgets

    Added widget to show threads with more replies. Added widget to show the most viewed threads.

Latest reviews

Excellent addon and fundamental in really making good use of the widget system. Author is also extremely friendly and responsive to requests for help.
Awesome widget, works perfectly with all the functionality you might need. Can't wait to see more widgets for XF2 :)
The addon is very nice ad does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is working perfect and is very easy to configure.
Thanks for this addon!
Does exactly what it's supposed to and great replacement for not having Widget Framework on XF2 yet. Perfect for the sidebar on your forum
Great user engagement addon does the job with all needed settings. Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely make use of this!
Your welcome :)
I had not seen the review before, sorry for being late xD