DL6 - [Widget] New Threads and Posts With Prefix Limit

DL6 - [Widget] New Threads and Posts With Prefix Limit 1.0.5

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Latest updates

  1. Added new widget

    -Added widget New posts with prefix limit
  2. Minor change

    -Added avatar in the expanded view.
  3. Changes

    -Deleted the option to filter by tags, It doesn't work properly combined with other options and...

Latest reviews

This add-on can be used in a variety of ways -- highly dynamic and should probably be part of core. A little creativity can go a long way with this one.
Work perfect with XenForo 2.1.
I used it to custom small portal.
Thank you for your excellent addon.
Excellent addon and fundamental in really making good use of the widget system. Author is also extremely friendly and responsive to requests for help.
Great stuff, now my users can see the newest Releases and newest Tutorials and don't have to wade through the ****posts :P
Fantastic addon. So useful being able to create prefix specific widgets for use on a portal page. One feature request is to be able to create a widget without specifying a prefix. The default Xenforo New Threads widget doesn't allow a character limit, so it would be nice to use this addon when we want a new threads widget without a char limit without having to limit it to threads with prefixes. Thanks for a great addon!
Great Widget - Now I can do my simple CMS / Portal Page just with the widget system. Thanks for this great work!
Excellent. Currently the only ready-made option I'm aware of, aside from a couple of the more advanced, paid chat addons, to filter new threads only from across all nodes (not new threads AND posts or "unanswered threads"). Just tick the "What's new: Overview" box in the widget and you'll have a nice full page display of new threads for your users when they click What's New.
Just a great widget.
Allow to be a small portal, with all the basic information, and the expanded option with avatar is a great add.
Thanks for your hard work.
Really helps bring XF2 together.... essentially enables a CMS treatment for your homepage, and elsewhere... Thank you!
Your welcome, thanks for the review :)
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