DL6 - [Widget] New Threads and Posts With Prefix Limit

DL6 - [Widget] New Threads and Posts With Prefix Limit 1.0.5

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Very cool!

Could you do the same thing for custom thread fields and/or thread tags?

i.e. Display every post with a certain tag?

Also just my opinion but I think you should be charging for this. Maybe something small like £5 but I see a lot of value/use in having small/simple widgets and I don't think devs should compromise the marketplace by giving them away when they should charge :)


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One other thing that would be great to add is a max character limit to the expanded view so the post can be shown but it cuts off after x characters with a "...", "read more" link or something instead.

I know some of the other portal-like approaches to this used a <pagebreak> syntax to force a cutoff. Not sure if that's possible or not though.