How to make a tabbed widget

Unmaintained How to make a tabbed widget

Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
First you need to configure the widgets you want in tabs without position (Write down the widgets keys)
Now create a widget html and in the template put something like this
Rich (BB code):
<div class="block">
    <div class="block-container">
         <h2 class="widget-tabs block-tabHeader tabs hScroller" data-xf-init="tabs h-scroller"...
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Was waiting for Widget Framework to come to XF2 for this. Didn't realise it was so easy to do. Thanks for sharing! :)
This should come with xF, being able to fit all new posts in to one widget on the homepage is awesome.
Definitely the single best, most useful user submitted guide I've seen so far for XF 2. Thanks, DL6!
Just what I was looking for, flawless guide and works perfectly. Guides like this make it so much easier for users.
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