DL6 - [Widget] Popular threads and posts

Unmaintained DL6 - [Widget] Popular threads and posts 1.1.3

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Updated to work with XF 2.1

Note: If you still use XF 2.0.X do not update, this version only works with XF 2.1.X
If you want to use in XF2.0.X Download the previous version in the history.
Minor changes to the template dl6_widget_posts_list_full
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Now use the template thread_list_macros in the full style option for threads.
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  • Added widget to show threads with more replies.
  • Added widget to show the most viewed threads.
-Added New option to add a url path for the header.
-Added missing phrases.
-Added Missing phrase.
-Reorganization of options
-New option to limit the character length in the expanded view


Requires re-configuring the widget with the custom option.
-Fixed bug Undefined variable: link in Public positions
-Added the option to display posts/threads in a custom days interval.
Added new display options
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