DISCONTINUED: [8WR] XenUtiles (Tools)

Unmaintained DISCONTINUED: [8WR] XenUtiles (Tools) 1.2.2

No permission to download
Because demo cant be work -.-
This addon is CLEARLY marked as discontinued, and specifically states DOES NOT WORK WITH XF1.2+
good job
Great add-on and needed by all Xenforo users :)
Very good or better excellent help against the actual spammer flooding! Thank You from Germany ;) :) :D
this has been a great tool for me as spammers are a big problem for any website owner.
I recomend this to anyone that has there own site.
Nice one!!!
Excellent modification, the new level of detail in the spam blocking system is absolutely amazing.
An excellent update to an already essential tool! Thanks!
Works incredibly well. Wish I had installed this a long time ago to deal with the spam. I never knew just how bad the problem was until I was able to look at the registration failure log files, as my human verification question must have been stopping more than I realized! Another great product from Jaxel.
This is simple great. Thanks for you exelent work to the community.
Another great product by Jaxel.
Excelent Utility. Stops 99% of spambots. definately worth installing on Any XenForo forum.
Totally love it shame SFS had a paddy.
Excellent resource, and a terrifically fast update! This has killed 99% of the hundreds of registrations I was getting before its use! Thanks man!
Fastest update ever. Well done Jaxel.
With the recent spate of spam attacks, I wish I'd have done this sooner!
Excellent mod, already stopped 60 spam registration attempts since installing it this morning.
Still the only addon I install on all of my forums...
Still one of the best spam prevention and cleanup mods around.
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