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  • You can now give usergroups the ability to change their usernames at will! This setting is based on "days". You can set how often, in days a user may change their username; or you may give them unlimited changes. When a user changes their username, it will be displayed in news feeds. Even with an ADMIN changes a username from the AdminCP, that too will be displayed in news feeds.
  • The staff-list page in the help menu has been updated. It now displays the last time a moderator has been active on the forums.
  • You can now set a "time check" for registrations. If a user registers too quickly (such has filling out the registration form in under 5 seconds), they will be identified as a spammer and rejected. Or conversely, if a user registers too slowly; as in their registration took 3 hours; its a sign that the spam-bot altered the registration form and they too will be rejected.
  • An option has been added to check CAPTCHA before checking spam registration databases. The reason for this is to help reduce the amount of work both your website and the spam databases have to do to stop spammers. If a spammer can't solve the CAPTCHA, why waste the time querying a database?

    The reason why this feature is an OPTION rather than a default feature is because in order to use this feature, you MUST disable the default CAPTCHA check built into XenForo. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO REGISTER! (even legit users).

    The following lines 164-167 must be deleted or commented out from XenForo_ControllerPublic_Register:
    if (!XenForo_Captcha_Abstract::validateDefault($this->_input))
        $errors[] = new XenForo_Phrase('did_not_complete_the_captcha_verification_properly');
  • You can now disable email reminders to users to confirm their registration... although I don't recommend doing this. You CAN NOT disable the admin notification email; you're an admin, welcome to the world of being an admin... deal with it.
Hey guys! Its the holiday season, and this mod is free! If you can donate, please do! Or buy, the branding removal option! Anything you can do to help, will be greatly appreciated!
  • The ability to clear the blocked registration log has returned!
  • Blocked Registration Log has been changed to a full on registration log! It will now show not only blocked registrations, but passed registrations as well! This makes it easier to find spammers.
  • Deleting an account from the Account/Profile Spam Finder pages will now return you to that page, instead of returning you to the user search list.
  • You can now submit existing users to spam search engines directly from the Account/Profile Spam Finder pages!
  • Automatic Staff List will now be generated at help/staff-list for all your users to see!
  • Moderators of a specific forum will now appear at the top of that forum!
  • There are now quick links to the banned users and banned ip addresses pages in the XenUtiles menu in the admin CP.
This is actually a pretty big update...
  • Registration Challenging has been completely revamped! You can now change settings for each system individually. You can disable the challenging of usernames. You can also chose to disable "immediate mode" for the challenge system.
  • Blocked Registrations logged is much nicer now. In addition of informing you of which challenge database has blocked it, you can now submit directly to some of the databases.
  • Account and Profile Spam Finder now works in conjuction with the "Spam Cleaner User Criteria" options built into XenForo instead of having their own separate options.
  • Fixed an issue with the most recent version of PHP that announced errors when viewing the admin options.
Apparently StopForumSpam.com has a policy where they only accept submissions if the user actually spammed; they do not allow "guilt-by-association". SFS checks IP address, usernames and email address.

On my forum, where the heuristics are set to "medium", for someone to rejected, it has to match two of the three resources. If someone is rejected, it then submits the third resource into the system. SFS considers the submission of this third resource to be "guilt-by-association", since this third resource has not technically submitted any spam.

So this update is to comply with StopForumSpam.com policy and remove automatic re-submission.
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