Digital Point Spy

Digital Point Spy 1.3.0

No permission to download
Thank YOU! Very smooth, light and very useful hack!
This is a really terrific add-on to get a snapshot of what is currently happening on a site.

No stranger to quality work, digitalpoint has continued to provide outstanding solutions and good coding practices. He has actively pursued fixing bugs, and participates regularly with members here. My members absolutely love this add-on, and maybe yours will too!
Excellent addon! Very useful!
Doesn't work at all, stay away! This should be moved into the unmaintained add-ons because people are running 1.5.x versions of XenForo now (at least) and this is not compatible.
No longer works reliably on my forum on XF 1.5.11. Tried to debug conflicts, no luck. Author did not help.
Does what it says on the box :)
Great add-on, thanks!
Didn't work for me, i would have liked to buy this eventually after trying but it didn't work out. Great idea though and friendly author.
A must have addon - works very well
Works perfectly.
Just what I needed, thanks. Also great that it excludes forums that the user does not have permission to view. Thanks!