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Diagonal shadow under sidebar blocks v1

This guide allows for a diagonal shadow under sidebar blocks.

  1. Shelley
    [​IMG] shadow-diagonal-preview.png

    Summary: This will display diagonal shadows under each block (or it should) but I must warn this depends on the type of design the sideblocks are because these shadows would not look good on the default sidebar blocks or certain designed sideblocks.

    The release is basically if you have the design that calls for it and you like it then upload the image into your /gradients folder and then paste then following to your EXTRA.CSS template

    .sidebar .section:after {
       background: url("@imagePath/xenforo/gradients/sidebar-shadow.png") no-repeat scroll center bottom transparent;
       content: "";
       position: relative;
       display: block; 
       height: 30px; }
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Recent Reviews

  1. Olly Wood
    Olly Wood
    Version: v1
    This is a great little snippet, works really well, and adds depth to flat looking forum.

    One issue is the shading is not on a transparent background, so it only works well on the default colour.
  2. PaulK
    Version: v1
    Easy to add to my site and it looks outstanding.
  3. VBK
    Version: v1
    Good job Shelley, I like!
  4. Xyphien
    Version: v1
    The download shadow isn't as big as what is supplied in the picture, but it looks great non the less.
    1. Shelley
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I have a few variations of this and will look out for the other shadows and post them as soon as I locate those. (have so many psds on my HD they're hard to find) :P
  5. t956gon
    Version: v1
    Thank you
  6. Pras
    Version: v1
    works great thanks ...
  7. erich37
    Version: v1
    awesome graphics!
    gives a great 3D-effect to the sidebar elements!
  8. Gabby
    Version: v1
    This works great! Thank you so much for this!