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[1.4] online status Indicator 1

Online status Indicator

  1. Shelley
    This will change the online status indicator from the default dot to a triangular shaped online status indicator. Simply upload the image into your /icons folder and then add the following into your Extra.css template.

    .message .messageUserBlock div.avatarHolder .onlineMarker {
      left: 100px;
      top: 10px; }
    @media (max-width:480px) {
    .Responsive .messageUserBlock div.avatarHolder  .onlineMarker {
      left: 47px !important;
      top: 5px !important; }
    Then venture into the for that specific style Message Elements >> Author Online Status Indicator and ensure you input the settings exactly as the screenshot show below.

    Image path @imagePath/xenforo/icons/online-indicator.png (as seen in the screenshot)


    Screenshot_32.png Screenshot_31.png Screenshot_36.png Screenshot_37.png
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    Version: 1
    Thanks :)
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    Arun Kumar
    Version: 1
    Guess who is back!!!

    Nice one as always.
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    Version: 1
    Makes the online indicator look way more polished than the default!