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[1.4] online status Indicator 1

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Shelley submitted a new resource:

[1.4] - Online status Indicator

This will change the online status indicator from the default dot to a triangular shaped online status indicator. Simply upload the image into your /icons folder and then add the following into your Extra.css template.

Bare in mind this is for the upcoming 1.4 release which at the time of writing hasn't been released yet.

.messageUserBlock div.avatarHolder .onlineMarker {
  background: url("@imagePath/xenforo/icons/online-indicator.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0...
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Nice! Waiting for someone to give us an "offline" indicator - gray perhaps? Its great to know if someone is online, how about offline...:)


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Is it really necessary to "retrain" forum users? Why be complicated, simple is better in some cases...if not most. :)
What "retraining" is needed?! Green triangle - online. No green triangle - not online. It's not exactly difficult unless you're a complete moron. As it is, this is how it works with the likes of Facebook chat, so most people should be familiar with the concept unless they've been living under a rock.


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The primary reason why I really like the online feature is because xenforo cut down on the bloat by not introducing an offline indicator (it's the fine attention to detail I can appreciate) so just in advance, I won't be posting an offline indicator, adding other colours (before requests come in) or adding "online" text to the small indicator. The only updates made to this resource will be if the css needs fixing. The indicator is clear enough, conveys the feature brilliantly. I'd suggest any extended stuff anyone wants should venture to the resource request area and post there. #trainyourselfnottoaddbloat (y)


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I think for now, I will stay with my current indicator, clean, sleek and clearly does what it says. :) But @Shelley - that is a nice looking add on, only if it suited my needs. (y)
The main issue with the above, the 20-25px it is being pushed down to show that "clean and sleek" ribbon that show if you are online or not. Too much extra space taken up for absolutely nothing.

Floyd R Turbo

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I noticed that now (on here) that this has been incorporated, but in the upper left corner. And of course, @Brogan has made it a silly little hat on his avatar, just to make sure we're all paying attention.