Resources by Shelley

Xenforo Extended Smilies Shelley
Unmaintained Xenforo Extended Smilies 1k
Xenforo Extended Smilies
Unmaintained Pigeon Smilies v1
Pigeon Smiley Pack
This is a rough guide that will allow you to style your titleBar in the forum_view are
Enhance your resource manager sidebar discussion button.
Unmaintained Xmas MessageUserInfo v1
A xmas touch to your messageUserInfo area
Poll Enhancement Shelley
Unmaintained Poll Enhancement v1
Poll Enahnceementnmwenqfikerhy
[halloween] Pumpy Poopy Pants Shelley
Pumpkins in sidebar on top of the sideblocks
[1.1] RM - Featured RM Tag after/Before title. Shelley
This enhancement will display the "featured" orange tag inside the featured container.
Staff have posted Ribbon Shelley
Staff have posted ribbon alternative placement and design
Threadstarter Ribbon Shelley
Unmaintained Threadstarter Ribbon 2013-08-27
Threadstarter Ribbon
Staff have posted  indicator Shelley
This displays an indicator to the right when a staff have posted.
Post Rating Icons (extended) Shelley
Unmaintained Post Rating Icons (extended) added resource to xenforo
An extension of more post rating icons I added over the previous ones.
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