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Awesome & excellent addition to my forum. Have been looking for such for quite some time. Thanks a lot.
Awesome smilies! I was looking for some cool smiles to add to the standard xenForo smiles and found these. Better than I though they would be. Awesome! Thanks
The best! Thank you so much! I have been using these for a few years now, and I love them. Coming back for more. Thank you for your contribution to the xf community! These are amazing!
These really are absolutely brilliant, thank you for allowing us to use these! Very nice... Best out there by far. Agreed with CallieJo, it makes things much more fun tbh. Thank you!!
These are the best smilies on the internet! Thanks for sharing your creative talents with us, Shelley. I appreciate how much you share with forum communities. You make forums more fun!
Excellent work, Shelly, as always.

I read on the topic that would be interesting to add "The Avengers". Support this comment!

Finally, I would like to make a request, but I can not contact you either by MP or by profile. Thanks!!
I'm still waiting on my toothbrush smile!!!! I was going to give you 2 stars, but as always your work is two awesome for that. :) Yay for Spiderman!!!!!!! Thanks again for your awesome contributions.
"You can trust your smile with us."
Your the best, thank you. What software do you use to create these? I was just wondering. The quality is really really really good. Also i like your other GFX add-ons you post for members to use. Also do you plan on making Social Networking smileys. For like FB,twitter etc...
wow i guess the minimum character length is now in place. Hmm photoshop is the software I used to create anything submitted here. Thanks for the review.
Great choices!
Awesome! When automatic istall 5/5!
These are great. I used a bunch of them and really appreciate the work you put into them. Keep it up!
Perfect again Shelley - appreciate all of your contributions.
Brilliant Stuff,
Members yelled, we need more smilies, and i new just where to come, thanks Shelley
Nice! My forumers are very happy with these smilies..
Awesome pack thanks
Great! many new icons.
Great smilies thank's!
Needed a few extra smiles and this smilie package did the trick! Shelley, thanks for releasing this :)
Nice pack of high quality smilies :)

Just need to get the names :) I'm adding them in the order they're in the zip right now ;)

I also added hotlink protection... For my own benefit really. But at least the sheet is also protected :P

great Pack!
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