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Unmaintained Deadlock Avoidance by Xon 1.0.21

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  • Workaround to prevent race conditioning when following someone who is already followed.
  • Support for Merge Posts.
  • Fix merging/hard-deleting posts.
Hoist post-transaction behaviour out of nested transactions for:
  • Like/Unlike
  • Moving Posts.
Implements workarounds using "UPDATE FOR" to reduce deadlocks for:
  • Deleting posts.
  • Liking a post.
  • On post/thread saving, push search updates till after the transaction.
    • Intended for where the search system is external to a MySQL transaction.
  • Support for User DataWriter's _postSaveAfterTransaction() - does not impact stock XenForo but for my future add-ons.
  • Like
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  • Ensure correctness of when _postSaveAfterTransaction is called.