1. S

    Parsing Post for BbCode on XenForo_DataWriter_DiscussionMessage_Post?

    I have a requirement to parse a post for BbCode and have access to the threadid and post id. The goal is to extract some meta data from the text and links in the message using a text / link extraction service to figure out what the post is about (sentiment analysis / tag extraction). Extracted...
  2. X

    Unmaintained Deadlock Avoidance by Xon 1.0.21

    XenForo's Datawriters have a _postSaveAfterTransaction() method. This method is intended to run after a database transaction is finished, but if a DataWriter is called from with-in another DataWriter, this does not happen. This incurs the risk that various notification actions will pull in...
  3. LPH

    DataWriter tags

    Trying to get tags from WordPress post to be written to a XenForo thread. An array of tags is grabbed using: $tags = get_the_tags($post->ID); A Zend_Dubug::dump($tags) shows the array such that $tags['name'] is the name of the each tag for the post. array (size=1) 0 =>...
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