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Unmaintained Deadlock Avoidance by Xon 1.0.21

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  • Remove use of get_lock which is unsupported in galera clustering, and causes errors in Percona XtraDB Cluster.
  • Improve reliability of updating forum's last post so it doesn't sometimes include very old threads
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  • Fix deleting a post in a thread not updating the forum last post
  • Fix Out of range value for column 'discussion_count' error
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  • Tweak SQL to ensure forum last post stats updates as expected.
    • Note; by design the last post may not update all the time, but on average isn't noticeable on a active forum.
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  • Report Improvement's logging reply-bans to reports compatibility
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  • Preserve original ordering of closures when pushing functions out of a transaction
  • Hoist updating forum counters out of the new post/add reply transaction. Relaxes updates;
    1. removing a thread will not re-populate the last updated post
    2. moving a thread out of an empty forum has a race condition between the thread saving and the forum counters updating
    3. Forum counters are atomically incremented outside of a large transaction, and atomically conditionally updating the last post via SQL instead of read-mutate-update datawriter cycle
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  • Always defer user alerts inside a known DataWriter transaction to after that transaction.
  • Support profile post/profile post comment/threadmarks
  • Revert previous attempt at preventing Like deadlocks.
  • Allow Likes to retry once in case of a deadlock.
  • Tweak how user alerts counter is incremented to reduce chance of a deadlock by touching less data.
  • Remove the use of LOCK FOR UPDATE on thread select when deleting. Instead use Post Delete Time Limit add-on to restrict, independent of edit-times, for how old a post can be and still be deleted.