[DBTech] DragonByte Donate

[DBTech] DragonByte Donate 4.0.0rc1

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Update highlights​

!!!This version requires PHP 8.0+!!!

This version mainly introduces compatibility with XenForo 2.3. The add-on has been fully updated, meaning no compatibility layers such as loading jQuery or other such patches are required for this add-on.

Style integration has also been improved, by applying more XenForo style properties to various elements, as well as removing the need for JavaScript to generate the donation progress bar.

Furthermore, a few reported bugs since the release of the last version for XenForo 2.2 have also been resolved.

Complete Change Log​

Change: Replace deprecated function calls
Change: Update entity references to use class-string
Change: Updated macros to XF 2.3 format
Change: Convert countdown timer to vanilla JS
Change: Made various CSS follow XF style properties
Change: Progress bar is now generated without JS
Change: Replace various references with class-string<T> equivalents
Change: Update code for PHP 8.0
Change: Add compatibility with new XenForo 2.3 Beta 6 feature
Change: Remove "XenForo" from copyright footer
Change: Necessary changes for the new XenForo 2.3 coding style
Change: Automatically clean up files on upgrade
Fix: Fixed template modifications
Fix: Fix temporary user group changes potentially being removed when it wasn't intended
Update highlights

!!!This version requires PHP 7.4+!!!

This version adds a new member statistics configuration; Top Donors. This statistic can be turned off via the AdminCP, and by default only tracks public donations.

This version also refactors some backend code and fixes a compatibility issue with PHP 8.4.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Add "Top Donors" member stats block (public donations only)
Change: Refactored backend code
Change: Bump minimum PHP version to 7.4 and recommended version to 8.2
Fix: Fix PHP 8.4 compatibility issue
Update highlights

This version adds support for obtaining cookie consent for 3rd party payment profiles, as well as standardising the way payment profiles are loaded to match the XenForo default code.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Add support for cookie consent for payment profiles
Change: Standardise payment profile display in the front-end to match XF's Account Upgrades
Update highlights

This version fixes an issue where donation widgets did not respect the "Can View" permission.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Donation widgets were not respecting the "Can view" permission
Update highlights

This version changes the currency exchange rate API, as the old one can no longer be signed up for. The link in the option has changed to the new sign-up page. The API still has a free tier that's perfectly suitable for this add-on, so there will be no cost to obtaining a new API key.

You will need to change your API key in order to continue normal operation after upgrading.

Complete Change Log

Change: Support the new APILayer exchange rate API / drop support for CurrencyLayer API
Fix: Fix incorrect error message from the APILayer API
Update highlights

This version adds Rebuild support to the DragonByte Credits integration.

Complete Change Log

Feature: The DragonByte Credits integration now supports rebuilding the transaction
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Update highlights

This version adds a new widget for showing the current user's total donations.

Complete Change Log

Feature: "Your Donations" widget to show the current user's most recent donations / total donation amounts
Feature: Disable top donators' amounts in widget
Fix: Fix incorrect phrase in Top Donators widget option validation
Update highlights

This version fixes a missing data export from the previous release.

Complete Change Log

Fix: The new "Custom amount" toggle's template edit was not included with the release files
Update highlights

This version is a culmination of changes and updates in the v3.3.x branch, and adds a new feature for donation drives to allow admins to disable the ability to donate a custom amount.

Furthermore, background changes have been made in order to better support future DBTech products.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Ability to disable custom amount donations per drive
Change: Implement isIgnored method to determine whether the current user is ignoring the user making the donation
Change: Implement isVisible method to show whether the donation is confirmed
Change: Added content type support for Donation
Update highlights

This version resolves a server error when attempting to access the "Drive overview" page.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fixed a server error when attempting to access the drive list
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