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Unmaintained [Darth]Administrate Forum 1.1.0

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This add-on is something I created out of personal need for myself. I needed something that would cut down on the time I'm CONSTANTLY going through about 4 pages in the xenforo back-end to edit my forums. I often found myself looking at my node like: "Why isn't there just a button saying 'Administrate forum'?" Well now there is! This add-on allows you to quickly and easily edit your forums with the click of a beautiful and completely editable CSS button! Plus, if you don't like the button look, all you have to do is edit the css in the darth_adm_forum.css to what you would prefer :)
*Note: This is my first add-on, so bear with me if I am unable to support you fully. I am still learning. HOWEVER this is an extremely simply modification adding a total of 5 lines of html code to your forum; easily removable & editable.

Planned Features
I plan on adding a few additions to this, including more options. Eventually, it might make itself into a whole toolbar of sorts; who knows :p However, right now I do plan on keeping this updated, so watch this add-on if you're interested ;)

To install this add-on, simply do the following:
1)Upload the contents of the 'Upload' folder to your forum
2)Install the add-on via ACP
3)Enjoy your easy forum editing!

Please, don't even thank me for this add-on. If you want to show your love, head over to Chris's Notifications add-on and buy that(although the occasional "Good Job!" post is welcome!) (y)

Special Thanks!
Special thank you goes out to Chris Deeming, who basically coded this add-on. All I did was test a few features, and throw up a smexy css3 button.
Also, shoutout to Southern Comfort who helped make our super duper graphic at the top of this wonderful page :)
Lastly, thank you to all add-on developers who showed me it was possible to make add-ons, and inspired me to do so(I know, super simple add-on, it's still something :p ). :)

That's the output, shows to admins only. No ACP-Side options as of yet :)
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  1. Version 1.1.0 Released! Bootstrap makes an appearance!

    Hello all! I finally got around to updating this today :oops: I'm thinking you all will like...
  2. Readme Update

    Forgot to update the readme with some text...that's slightly embarrassing :oops: All fixed now :D

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This is an excellent addition, which installed on XF v1.5 just fine. The Adminstrate Forum button takes one straight to the Edit Forum page for the current forum you are viewing, while the Permission button takes you straight to the Node Permissions for the current forum being viewed. This will be a real time-saver and is much appreciated!
Simple yet awesome.
Thanks for the kind words! It really means a lot to hear that from you guys! :D
This is a great addition! THANK YOU!
No problem :)
Glad you like it :)
Awesome stuff, I will be setting this up on two of my forums very shortly :)
Thanks mate :D
Works a treat, very handy :)
Thanks you very much, glad you like it :)
Great idea :)
Thanks mate :)
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