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Unmaintained [Darth]Administrate Forum 1.1.0

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Hello all!

I finally got around to updating this today :oops: I'm thinking you all will like these new features :)
First and foremost: I've changed the buttons from regular css3 to bootstrap buttons, hope you folks enjoy :)
Next: The permissions button was added, per this post. This will instantly take you to the permissions page for your forum.
Also: Added a "create child node" button, so you can easily add subforums to your forums. Unfortunately, the "Add sibling Node" button couldn't be worked out for this release, so this button IS slated for a later release.
Also slated for later releases: Addition of an "Add moderator" button, addition of a "Lock Forum" button(adds the option that no posts will be allowed for this forum). Suggestions are always welcome (y)
Updated screenshot:

Thanks all! Please feel free to leave me a suggestion, and if you encounter a bug please let me know :)

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Forgot to update the readme with some text...that's slightly embarrassing :oops:
All fixed now :D