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Unmaintained Cookie Law - Cookie Control Widget - Implied Consent Only 1.0

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This add-on looks at the geographical location of your visitor and if they are browsing from the UK, they will be served a notification regarding your site's use of cookies.


It comes with two themes, dark and light, fully configurable from the Admin CP. As well as the look of the add-on and its position, you can also fully modify the text that appears.

Here's the default text when read more is clicked:


If you have one configured in the Admin CP then your Privacy Policy is automatically included.

Please note. Although this is called Cookie Control, this particular version does not control any cookies. There is a version that does but that would involve having a detailed understanding of how XenForo uses cookies so you'd be able to configure the widget or XenForo to stop using certain cookies before consent is obtained.

This version uses "implied consent" which is acceptable and the method that most websites are employing.

You can find a more detailed discussion about the Cookie Law here:

You can see a demo of this in action (if you're in the UK) by going to
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Oh how I wish Government wasn't so ignorant about The Internet, but then again, maybe we would have more to fear if they knew better. One can only wonder, but this modification is a very useful tool at resolve the current issue.
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you!
Very handy little add on!
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you!
Excellent addition!
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you!
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