Content Ratings

Content Ratings 2.7.6

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  • Fix highlighting a user's rating on content when the rating is the "Like" rating type
  • Fix a typo causing HTML to be incorrectly rendered in the postbit
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  • Added & fixes for style properties
    • Make inline rate menu responsive & other rating bar fixes
    • "Fade-in inline rate menu on message hover" should more reliably work
    • Left-align style property
    • "Rating (visitor)" style property for displaying which rating is selected by a user.
    • "Display rating type titles alongside icons" style property, to control if the rating title is added to various places with the icon
    • "Show empty ratings in user rating summary" to skip showing ratings a user has neither given or recieved in the user rating summary
  • Track ratings given by a user
    • Updated Post Rating importer
    • User given counts rebuild task will run on upgrade
    • CLI task to rebuild user given counts;
      php cmd.php xf-rebuild:svcr-user-given-counts
  • Rework content rating lists.
    • For content with multiple categories, display a visual bar and tab-based category navigation.
    • Otherwise, shows a list of ratings by date, grouped by rating type. With
  • Improve robustness of the add-on during upgrading, functionality should disable without causing errors breaking the page
  • Only apply visibility checks, and not usability/restrictions when viewing content's ratings
  • Workaround for XF style properties not being correctly copied into the distributable zip
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  • Don't open tooltip on hover if open on click is enabled
  • On-hovering over an rating, the tooltip is pushed above the rating selection box.
    • This mostly impacts touch and when multiple rows of ratings can be selected
  • Suppress error if rating content multiple times rapid succession
  • New style property - Rate menu type "Inline" (ie like XF1 Post Rating)
  • New style property - "Left-align current ratings in the rating bar"
  • Reorganize style properties, ordering & naming cleanup
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  • Support ratings/reactions on posts when XenPorta2 is installed
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  • Capture conversation message rating stats
  • Fix division by zero in rating bar when a user has no ratings
  • Fix rating stats type key being too long take #2
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  • Admin UI polish
    • Smilie to rating importer now requires a rating type category to import items to.
    • Sorting ratings UI now understands rating type categories
    • Misc admin ui bugfixes
  • New Style Property: "Display rating bar location"
    • Support moving rating bar under or above content controls
  • Global option to display uncategorized ratings in summary counts
  • Prevent error when generating daily rating stats breakdowns
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  • Fix rating stats type key being too long
  • Respect "Show empty rating type categories" for user's profile rating counts
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This can be considered feature complete in preparation for the 1.0.0 release, and the intended focus is on stabilization and bugfixes. AS-IS this add-on can be considered production ready.
  • Fix CSS on rating icons, and on rating count list on content.
  • Fix horizontal rating menu being pushed left off the screen.
  • Add breadcrumb to rating type edit page, fix outstanding SQL warning text
  • New style property: Open menu on click, force desktop to open the menu on click rather than on-hover
  • New Feature: Rating type restrictions.
    • Usergroup whitelist, OP only flag, and forum whitelist
    • Updated Importer to import these attributes for rating types
  • New Feature: Touch support for selecting menu.
    • Show the tooltip on touch events, and animate icons
    • Support swipe-release to select a rating
  • Bugfixes to standalone rating menu updating & styling
  • Fix horizontal scroller behavior on Gecko
  • Bugfix ' Process uncounted ratings' process never ending, if this is running you will need to cancel it and it will not restart.
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