Content Ratings

Content Ratings 2.6.0

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  • Fix importing Smilie sprite maps as Ratings/Reactions
  • Support rating & enlarging rating icon's on hover
    • Style properties for animation speed, rotation degree, and enlargement factor
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  • Fix XF2.0 Beta 2 compatibility
  • Import similes as ratings
    • Option to pick which ratings to import
  • Allow sorting of ratings
  • Updated breadcrumbs for supported content types
  • Overhaul add-on extendability
    • See for details.
    • When Add-on Installer for XF2 (Alpha, not feature complete!), this add-on can generate code-stubs for arbitrary content types to add content rating support.
      • Stores the new add-on as an attachment (will get automatically pruned reasonably quickly)
      • includes code, guesstimated template modifications, templates and phrases.
      • Recommend editing of supplied phrases to be content specific rather than being vague.
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Bug fixes:
  • Fix issue when on the very first time an item is rated, the totals returned are off.
  • Fix issue preventing creating new rating types
  • Use built-in method to resolve a relative URL to an absolute one.
    • Requires testing with a CDN setup to verify all images are offloaded as expected.
  • Fix sprite parameter being ignored when set
Known issue:
  • Sprite-based images appear somewhat buggy atm, still troubleshooting.
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  • Workaround for uninstalling via the GUI breaking
  • Fix installer which blocked creating new ratings/reactions
  • Fix some missed issues when deploying to XF2.0 Beta 1 vs DP10
  • Re-enabled post profile/post profile comment integration, as it actually errors when disabled vs not showing news feed entries when enabled.
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