Content Ratings

Content Ratings 2.7.6

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  • Fix thread redirect support when displaying ratings on the thread list
  • Tweak performance for displaying ratings on thread list with large number of threads and ratings configured
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  • On merging posts, retain likes/ratings from posts being deleted
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  • Respect Like alert optouts
  • Add CSS separators between numerical received rating summary (on postbit, profile, etc)
    • To adjust override .rating-summary__count:after or adjust the sv_contentratings.less template
    • New template macro: sv_contentratings_macros::rating_summary
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  • Add 'Rating Category Summary' style property
    • On a user's rating summary page, show totals for given/received count on a category.
  • Add 'Rating Category Collapsible' style property
    • On a user's rating summary page, clicking on a rating category will collapse or expand it.
  • Support showing the first post ratings in the thread list
    • global option to enable support (default disabled)
    • sort from higest to lowest (default true)
    • Show only X ratings (default 1)
    • 2-highest-ratings-on-threadlist-png.168237
  • Fix user merging not correctly handling ratings
  • Tweak importer transaction handling around content cache rebuild
  • Fix issue when the rating list loaded in an overlay, would have a obscured category header.
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  • Tweaks for rating building to reduce deadlocks
  • Fix cases where a non-visible rating would leak when the viewer has also issued rated the content with the same type.
    • For a usable but not visible rating, a user can see their own ratings.
    • Content rating lists can indicate via the category grouping overall percentage IF there are multiple categories. ie; positive ratings are visible but negative ratings are private.
    • Other users will not receive alerts or be able to see who gave them a non-visible rating.
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1.0.0 release, as this has been production ready for most of the 0.14.x release version.

Changes from 0.14.4
  • Harden rating rebuild counts to prevent losing ratings when performing a rebuild (slightly slower)
  • Add warning that rating totals can be reduced when running rebuild tasks.
    • Option to allow rating totals to be decreased on a rebuild, disabled by default.
  • Ensure rebuild task correctly rebuilds Given Like totals.
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  • Fix "Data too long for column 'stats_type' ", requires updating existing stats.
  • Fix for BIGINT UNSIGNED out of range on decrementing when rating count is 0
  • Fix php compatibility issue " Cannot use XF\Entity\User as User because the name is already in use"
  • Rework content rating list
    • Group by category by default with percentage rating bar, if more than 2 categories are used.
    • Rework individual rating header to display better.
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  • Fix given rating count rebuilder
    • Previously the rebuilder would fail, and general a large number of superfluous errors
  • Fix pagination on content rating listing
  • Add "Ratings for Deleted/Guest users" global option to control how ratings are usable on guest posts
  • Performance tweaks for Received/Given Rating pages
  • Fix Given Rating's count re-builder
    • Causes a rebuild of given user counts to be triggered on upgrade
  • Fix error on viewing rated guest posts
  • Match visitor rating BG color to the rating count BG color
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