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Beta Content Ratings for XF2 0.10.4 Alpha

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Additional requirements
php 5.6
Updates duration
12 Months ($25 Yearly Renewal + HST)
Visible branding
Inspired by the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings", and the prevalence of "Reactions" as an alternative to the single dimensional Likes.

This add-on is a work in progress, major features not yet implemented;
  • A default set of Reactions/Ratings Types.
  • Finalize the interface for extending the add-on to add new content types.
  • Rating Categories
    • For example; positive/negative/neutral categories
    • If a category shows on the profile/memberbit/postbit & how stats are presented.
    • Automatic actions when a category hits some threshold ;
      • Report content
      • Moderate content
      • Soft-delete content
  • Statistics integration
  • User Criteria integration
  • Whitelist/blacklist ratings by user group, lock to starting poster, and limit to forums (for threads)
  • Finish Profile Post & Profile Post Comment integration
  • Permission to see all "private ratings"
  • XF1 "Post Ratings" importer.
Implemented features
  • Content Ratings/Reactions on Posts and Conversations.
    • Integrates with alerts & news feed where applicable.
  • Rating Types;
    • Support flexible image icon selection;
      • Sprite Images
      • Images (with high definition alternative image)
      • css fonts
      • Templates (for inline SVG)
    • A Rating type can be usable or visible;
      • Visible & usable - everyone can use and see
      • Not visible & usable - only the person giving the rating can see their own rating, allowing a "private rating".
      • Visible & not usable - everyone can see, not may not use it.
      • Not Visisble & not usable, - no one may see or use it.
Implementation notes
  • Designed for performance, only minimal data is fetched when interacting with the rating system
    • Overrides XF2's rebuild behaviour to instead be incremental rather than count all ratings on a piece of content.
  • As MySQL's InnoDB table structure does not feature prefix compression, a content type/id pair is very inefficient space-wise.
  • Uses per-content tables which are dynamically managed to store count totals, and automagically links these to the right places for use.
  • If a content's table is "too large" to extend (ie when adding a rating type) without downtime, that content has the rating type disabled for it and the required manual SQL for the administrator to run provided.
    • "too large " table size threshold is an adjustable, may be to fully automatic or fully manual for adding columns.
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  2. 0.10.1 Alpha - Feature Update

    Fix CSS of ratings in the admin page Rating Categories Statistics integration Criteria support...
  3. 0.8.8 Alpha - Bugfix update

    Compatibility fix for XF2.0 Beta 8/RC1