Content Ratings for XF2.1+

Content Ratings for XF2.1+ 2.4.2

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  • Implement Post Rating importer support
  • Fix animation style properties (breaking change for style properties)
    • The animation style property values have been changed from unit types to numeric types to prevent 'px' units being appended. Numeric types can only be whole numbers, so the property unites have been adjusted accordingly. The duration property value is now in milliseconds and the scale property value is now a percentage.
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  • Implement profile post/comment alert and news feed tie ins
  • Fix rating type icon display
  • Fix installer not apply schema changes as expected
  • Rating phrases & style properties are not owned by this add-on to prevent upgrades from removing them
  • Handle user merges and deletions properly
  • Rework some style properties to be less confusing
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  • Fix CSS of ratings in the admin page
  • Rating Categories
  • Statistics integration
  • Criteria support
  • Front-end UI integration (postbit, profile, etc)
    • Style properties and some global options
Known Issues:
  • Does not support UI.X themes
  • Deleting/Merging users misses data.
  • No Post Rating Importer
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  • Compatibility fix for XF2.0 Beta 8/RC1
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  • Fix importing Smilie sprite maps as Ratings/Reactions
  • Support rating & enlarging rating icon's on hover
    • Style properties for animation speed, rotation degree, and enlargement factor
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  • Fix XF2.0 Beta 2 compatibility
  • Import similes as ratings
    • Option to pick which ratings to import
  • Allow sorting of ratings
  • Updated breadcrumbs for supported content types
  • Overhaul add-on extendability
    • See for details.
    • When Add-on Installer for XF2 (Alpha, not feature complete!), this add-on can generate code-stubs for arbitrary content types to add content rating support.
      • Stores the new add-on as an attachment (will get automatically pruned reasonably quickly)
      • includes code, guesstimated template modifications, templates and phrases.
      • Recommend editing of supplied phrases to be content specific rather than being vague.
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Bug fixes:
  • Fix issue when on the very first time an item is rated, the totals returned are off.
  • Fix issue preventing creating new rating types
  • Use built-in method to resolve a relative URL to an absolute one.
    • Requires testing with a CDN setup to verify all images are offloaded as expected.
  • Fix sprite parameter being ignored when set
Known issue:
  • Sprite-based images appear somewhat buggy atm, still troubleshooting.
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  • Workaround for uninstalling via the GUI breaking
  • Fix installer which blocked creating new ratings/reactions
  • Fix some missed issues when deploying to XF2.0 Beta 1 vs DP10
  • Re-enabled post profile/post profile comment integration, as it actually errors when disabled vs not showing news feed entries when enabled.