Content Ratings for XF2.1+

Content Ratings for XF2.1+ 2.3.5

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  • UI.X compatibility fixes
  • Add missing conversation message rating template when viewing given Ratings
  • Importer: Handle if the "like" rating has been deleted before importing
  • Importer: Fix category mapping mapping uncounted/neutral wrong.
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Importer changes:
  • Option to import existing user rating/like totals rather than re-compute them.
  • When Importing with an old "like" rating type select, the existing "like" rating will be overwritten/updated.
  • If a rating has no name, and the rating does not use sprite mode; attempt to extract the filename without an extension for a title.
New CLI commands:
  • xf-rebuild:svcr-content-data Rebuilds content rating data.
  • xf-rebuild:svcr-user-counts Rebuilds user like and rating counts.
  • Improve performance in importer (remove some redundant queries).
  • Improve reliability of importer
  • Bugfix 'Unknown column' SQL error when running importer. Finally.
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  • Fix rating type delete job
  • Fix stats for categories with no rating types
  • Respect 'Track Recent Users' setting in importer
  • Extend profile post & profile post comment stats
  • Improve performance of rating importer
  • Add quick links from content ratings & content ratings category to style properties
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  • Importer bugfixes
    • Due to a bug, Post Rating allowed duplicate ratings on a post by a user, silently skip and just keep the first.
    • Skip hard deleted posts which still have ratings
  • More bugfixes for missing columns & validation errors for importer
  • When installing don't remove uncategorized rating type category phrase
  • Bugfix 'Unknown column' SQL error when running importer
  • Implement Post Rating importer support
  • Fix animation style properties (breaking change for style properties)
    • The animation style property values have been changed from unit types to numeric types to prevent 'px' units being appended. Numeric types can only be whole numbers, so the property unites have been adjusted accordingly. The duration property value is now in milliseconds and the scale property value is now a percentage.
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  • Implement profile post/comment alert and news feed tie ins
  • Fix rating type icon display
  • Fix installer not apply schema changes as expected
  • Rating phrases & style properties are not owned by this add-on to prevent upgrades from removing them
  • Handle user merges and deletions properly
  • Rework some style properties to be less confusing
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