Content Ratings for XF2.1+

Content Ratings for XF2.1+ 2.4.2

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  • New global option:
    • Default rating, if "Random" the default rating changes every use of the 'rate' button.
  • Style property changes:
    • New 'Display rate menu location', options:
      • In rating bar
      • In place of XF Like Button
    • New 'Show empty rating type categories'
    • New 'Rating bar rate menu container'
  • Postbit ratings now clickable (somewhat).
  • Responsive design fixes
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  • Initial work on horizontal menu pop-up rather than vertical.
    • Controllable via style property.
    • Ground work for "facebook style" reaction UI.
  • Improve support for extending add-on to implement ratings/reactions on additional content types
  • Fix error viewing Ratings list page if no ratings types are found
  • Fix error viewing Ratings received page when an invalid rating type exists on a rating
  • Fix add-on compatibility issue with some of @Smog's add-ons
  • UI.X compatibility fixes
  • Add missing conversation message rating template when viewing given Ratings
  • Importer: Handle if the "like" rating has been deleted before importing
  • Importer: Fix category mapping mapping uncounted/neutral wrong.
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Importer changes:
  • Option to import existing user rating/like totals rather than re-compute them.
  • When Importing with an old "like" rating type select, the existing "like" rating will be overwritten/updated.
  • If a rating has no name, and the rating does not use sprite mode; attempt to extract the filename without an extension for a title.
New CLI commands:
  • xf-rebuild:svcr-content-data Rebuilds content rating data.
  • xf-rebuild:svcr-user-counts Rebuilds user like and rating counts.
  • Improve performance in importer (remove some redundant queries).
  • Improve reliability of importer
  • Bugfix 'Unknown column' SQL error when running importer. Finally.
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  • Fix rating type delete job
  • Fix stats for categories with no rating types
  • Respect 'Track Recent Users' setting in importer
  • Extend profile post & profile post comment stats
  • Improve performance of rating importer
  • Add quick links from content ratings & content ratings category to style properties
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  • Importer bugfixes
    • Due to a bug, Post Rating allowed duplicate ratings on a post by a user, silently skip and just keep the first.
    • Skip hard deleted posts which still have ratings
  • More bugfixes for missing columns & validation errors for importer
  • When installing don't remove uncategorized rating type category phrase
  • Bugfix 'Unknown column' SQL error when running importer