Content Ratings for XF2.0

Content Ratings for XF2.0

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Additional requirements
php 5.6+, recommended php 7.0+
Updates duration
12 Months ($25 Yearly Renewal + HST)
Visible branding
Inspired by the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings", and the prevalence of "Reactions" as an alternative to the single dimensional Likes.

Does not work with XF 2.1

To consolidate alerts use Alert Improvements

Post Installing
This add-on will require configuration, only a default "Like" is added after installing.
  • Tools => Import Data => Import from XF1 Post Ratings
  • Content => Content Rating => Rating Types => Add Default Rating Types
    • This adds "Facebook Style" ratings of;
      • Like (y)
      • Love :love:
      • Haha :LOL:
      • Wow :eek:
      • Sad 😢
      • Angry :mad:
  • Content => Content Rating => Rating Types =>Add New Rating Type.
Installing/Uninstalling on a large forum

It is strongly recommended to use the CLI installer/uninstaller.

This add-on alters xf_like_content, which can take a very long time for a large forum.

To run the SQL manually, use;
alter table xf_like_content
    add column sv_rating_type_id unsigned int DEFAULT NULL,
    add index like_user_id_like_date ('like_user_id','like_date');
On uninstalling non-like ratings are dropped;
DELETE  FROM `xf_liked_content` WHERE sv_rating_type_id IS NOT NULL AND sv_rating_type_id <> 0
This is very slow.

To disable this behaviour, find uninstallStep3 in this add-on's Setup.php and comment out/remove the content of the function.

  • XF1 "Post Ratings" importer
  • Whitelist/blacklist ratings by user group, lock to starting poster, and limit to forums (for threads)
  • Content Ratings/Reactions on Posts and Conversations.
    • Integrates with alerts & news feed where applicable.
  • Rating Types;
    • Support flexible image icon selection;
      • Emoji
      • Sprite Images
      • Images (with high definition alternative image)
      • css fonts
      • Templates (for inline SVG)
    • A Rating type can be usable or visible;
      • Visible & usable - everyone can use and see
      • Not visible & usable - only the person giving the rating can see their own rating, allowing a "private rating".
      • Visible & not usable - everyone can see, not may not use it.
      • Not Visible & not usable, - no one may see or use it.
  • Supported Content types:
    • Posts
    • Conversation Messages
    • Profile Posts
    • Profile Post Comments
  • Rating Categories
    • For example; positive/negative/neutral categories
    • If a category shows on the profile/memberbit/postbit & how stats are presented.
  • Statistics integration
  • User Criteria integration
  • Selectable "default rating" to display as the menu icon, can be Random, or None.
  • Large number of style properties to customize look and feel.
    • Horizontal rating selection
    • Touch support
  • Display highest ratings on thread rating list (disabled by default)
    • Global option to enable/disable
    • Style property options to customize
  • Rating Categories automatic actions when a category hits some threshold ;
    • Report content
    • Moderate content
    • Soft-delete content
  • Allow arbitrary number of rating type/rating type category user criteria
Implementation notes
  • Designed for performance, only minimal data is fetched when interacting with the rating system
    • Overrides XF2's rebuild behaviour to instead be incremental rather than count all ratings on a piece of content.
  • As MySQL's InnoDB table structure does not feature prefix compression, a content type/id pair is very inefficient space-wise.
  • Uses per-content tables which are dynamically managed to store count totals, and automagically links these to the right places for use.
  • If a content's table is "too large" to extend (ie when adding a rating type) without downtime, that content has the rating type disabled for it and the required manual SQL for the administrator to run provided.
    • "too large " table size threshold is an adjustable, may be to fully automatic or fully manual for adding columns.
Style Property screenshots
This add-on has a large number of style property customization options, and the following screenshots demo some of the options:
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Latest updates

  1. - Installer fix

    Fix installer recreating title column as preparation work for XF2.1 upgrade
  2. 1.3.14 - Bugfix update

    Fix add-on icon in XF2.1 Fix importer where ratings without an explicit name do not display as...
  3. 1.3.13 - Bugfix update

    Fix installer for new installs & upgrading from some versions

Latest reviews

Great plugin and great developer who takes into consideration changes and improvements. Have recommended to a few people now and will continue to do so.
Does exactly what it says on the tin. For me that's carrying over the ratings from the abandonware mod post ratings on 1.x over to a 2.0 install. Great work mate.
an excellent add on for xenforo that gives facebook like 'likes and loves' etc. to our forums. Could do with better instructions upon installation as at the time I had to ask for help but hopefully its been improved now :)
Awesome and highly customizable addon. I very like the "Content actions" sections so you can perform actions at certain amount of received ratings. Great support also.
This has easily become one of the most beloved and useful features of my community. I can recommend this to anyone. We have it tailored with the whitelist feature so that depending on what subforum of the site you are in, you get different and unique ratings to choose from that are relevant to the topic at hand. I recommend the Open Source Twitter Emoji pack as free icons to pick from. It has every emoji possible. The support and commitment from Xon have been Steller. Open your wallet to him and buy all his things.
This add-on is a great replacement for the one we used in a previous version of Xenforo. Great customer service and response time too. Definitely recommend this add-on and developer.
Another fantastic add-on from Xon. The amount of customizations available to the admins is fantastic. It blows away the other addons on its ilk by a wide margin and the support is bar none. Xon goes out of his way to help his customers like no one else on this forum.
What a powerful add-on from top developer. So many options, you can really customize it as you wish. There is no guide for settings, but with a bit of testing you understand how it works. It can give some benefit to your community. Thank you for creating this, Xon.
Personally I really like this addon! However, I just wanted to address the last review by "Strong". So yeah... there is no documentation, but when I couldn't figure out how to configure certain settings I simply went to Xon's website, put in a support ticket and Xon walked me through every step.. He was both prompt and courteous with his responses. It actually took less time and was more convenient than trying to read through a manual.
Im sure this is a wonderful addon. But there is some assembly required because the author wanted to make the addon as easy as possible for folks to migrate from xf1. Without being saavy or having something to migrate from, you’ll end up with something little more useful than what ships with xenforo by default. There is very little documentation. There is a ton of tweaking possibilities that can be performed on the back end however so I can imagine some people might be able to make it function like the pictures on the product overview page. You might end up like me with no idea how to get there on your own though. This addon isnt for someone who hasnt taken the deep dive into what xenforo is capable of. The author is fast to respond to their ticket system. Even on a Sunday. Took maybe an hour to get a response. So theres that.
There is an "Add default rating types" button on the Rating Types page after installing, which configures reasonably sensible defaults. Adding existing XenForo Smilies as rating, is just a matter of using the "..." menu on the same page, selecting "Import Smilies", and then selecting which Smilies to import and what category you wish to import them to.

Due to the lack of easily handling a post install configuration, there is little that can be done for guiding a user on configuration. And this add-on absolutely as part of it's design requires configuration.