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This addon is really awesome, it work's great and gave your forum a much better look in threads and posts :) Awesome!
this is very wanted add-on, and it's helpful for seo i think...and attract more users to visit the link...
Have been searching for something like this and finally found it. This is very useful and gives the post a cleaner look. Thanks for this add on Chris.
Wishing I had seen this add-on last year. Works great, it's so much nicer seeing the page title linked instead of http urls. Cleans up posts nicely. I'm no SEO expert but I guess it's good for that too. Thanks Chris!
Loved this feature when I was running VB and VBSEO. Just installed, and it seems to be working perfectly from the testing I have done so far. Thanks for the great add-on Chris!
yes great
Just what I was looking for
Perfect addon! Earlier I used "Add Titles to External Links" from vBSEO and now it is available in XenForo too! :)
Seems like a must-have add-on. Not fancy but works. Thanks!
Very useful addon. Thank you for sharing it
excellent! Just what I was looking for. This should be standard in XF
Awesome ;)
Finally a replacement to ragtek addon which is more smooth.
This update fixes all my issues.

Thank you very much for this!
This version works like a charm for my board.

Thank you very much this add-on and for release it for free.
Best. Functional. Works. Nice!
I love it :)
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