Resources by silence

Class Map Autoloader silence
Unmaintained Class Map Autoloader 1.0.0
Builds a Class Map for XenForo!
LCache Speed Up silence
Unmaintained LCache Speed Up 1.0.4
Caching for everyone! Especially Clusters!
External Accounts Extended silence
Unmaintained External Accounts Extended 2018-03-02
Because one social network isn't enough!
Carlton silence
Unmaintained Carlton 3218976094321709321709321
So perfect it makes Brogan grow a full set of hair!
Post Number silence
Unmaintained Post Number 1.0
Provides random numbers for posts.
Font Sizing silence
Unmaintained Font Sizing 1.0.0 $0.00
Allow your users to change the size of message text for better readibility!
Parallax Background silence
Unmaintained Parallax Background
Dead-simple way to give your website background a parallax effect!
Teamspeak Integration silence
Unmaintained Teamspeak Integration 1.3.8 Alpha
Automates Teamspeak server-group assignments!
Animated Arrow Button silence
Unmaintained Animated Arrow Button 1.0
Make that arrow thing animated!
Trash XenPorta Sidebar silence
Unmaintained Trash XenPorta Sidebar
How to dump XenPorta sidebar in favor of Widget Framework
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