AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2

AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 1.4.9

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  • Much improved handling of proxied images
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  • Fix bug with non-http/https links sometimes breaking the AMP page validity
This is a beta release, only install it if you know what that means :)

  • Allow html-entities inside href="" as valid URL
  • Unknown image dimension magics 🧙‍♂️
    • 2 new Advanced options:
      • Fix unknown image sizes (on by default)
      • Utilize visitors's browsers to check image sizes where server failed (off by default)
        • This option from our own testing is able to find image dimensions for ~5% of the ones where server failed (most other seem to be expired domains/images)
    • new endpoint at /ampimgsize where admins can see short summary of how many image sizes that have been found so far.
    • If you want to see how much impact this feature has on AMP page generation you can add &time=1 to the AMP url and it will print out a debug line with how many image dimensions where fixed in how long time.
      • spoiler alert: it is minimal, most we have seen on our own forum is e.g. "5 images replaced in 0.3ms"
      • note: If no image dimensions were fixed for the page you test on, it won't print out anything.
    • How the image dimension magic works:
      • The first time an image with unknown dimensions is encountered the AMP page will render with the unknown-image class, and the URL will be put in a queue to be checked by the server in a cronjob.
      • Once image dimensions are known, it will be inserted with correct width="" and height="" attributes which the AMP spec wants..
  • Added advanced option to hide signatures on AMP pages
  • Fix bug with amp-dailymotion videoid containing more info than valid id
  • Improved stripping of <script>-tags that are not allowed
  • Improved URL check handling when whitespaces are included inside href="..." due to e.g. some Andys addon
  • URL checker less strict in case links have whitespaces around them
  • Fix compatbility with AddonsLab/Classifieds to work with newer version
    • compatibility check was a bit naive, new check should work for future versions also 👍
  • Make the Only show "Update Available"-messag for stable releases option enabled by default
  • Option to allow disabling the ads for specific thread ids
This is a Beta release, only install if you know what that means, or your forum runs on a "subpath" like /forums
  • Fix inline styles to have full path to reactions/smiley assets so they render correctly
    • Forums that are running on subpath like e.g. /forum or /community won't show reactions otherwise
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