AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2

AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 1.4.4

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As an early beta tester, I've seen great results. 20% rise in both traffic and revenue. Faster pages all ranking good in Google tools. High mobile scores. Picking up and ranking for keywords I had been in page 5 for a long time.
My second day on this add-on and it has been interesting! Already got more than a thousand hits on amp pages as per analytics. More than 1000 pages indexed as well according to search console.

Ever since I stopped blogging, amp was one of the tech that I wanted to use on my forum that was easily available on WordPress. And this finally gives me that experience. Developer has been super responsive to the bunch of bug reports I submitted.
I've been holding back on a review to ensure I'm seeing results -- indeed GSC is reflecting the change in a positive way, and mazzly's Amp Bot is useful for problem analysis. Great job on this add-on, will probably only become more important as things evolve.
Brilliant addon! I had some problems with the display of AMP pages due to a customized style and with insertion of AdSense ads, but Mazzly helped me super fast and now everything works! Great work!
Awesome add-on, the Author listens and incorporates the user's feedback on this add-on. The AMPbot feature really helps clean up an old conversion as well. Already seeing Google and Bing picking it up as well. This is a must have for any forum to drive more traffic to your site. This should be incorporated by default along with the AMPbot.
This is a awesome addon. The author listens and fixes bugs very quickly.
Must have for any forum to get more traffic to your site.
Thank you very much.
I dont write reviews usually because im lazy but i like this addon and the devoloper support. My traffic has not changed but its soon to speak, the amp robot its useful to fix old things from imports.
The addon does what it says. And the most important, the developer reply to any enquiries and customer service is top . Highly recommend it and very quality addon and services!!!
Best Add-on, Perfect support, And awesome results in just 3 Days.
I recommend this Add-on with a Closed eye :)
Just installed - support is awesome. So far so good. I will report back with my findings once Google updates its cache.
This is a must have add-on for every XenForo forum owner! The user experience is top notch and of course, speed is unmatched. I used SEO2 before and I can confidently say that this is a whole new experience. And taking part in early testing, I can assure you that it's ready for prime time!