AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2

AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 1.4.9

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Have been running this addon for a year at the standard level of page checking and it gives my users an improved experience on their initial page loads when they need it most.
Been using this for over a year, and AMP is one of the best things you can honestly do for your guest mobile viewing experience. Combined with Cloudflare AMP caching, highly recommended.
Easy to install, simple and clear ACP interface/options, and lightning fast customer support! This mod is a no-brainer for XF forum owners.
Excellent addon, highly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing it. Customer support is fantastic.
Great addon, great support. A must-have add-on for xenForo. Regularly updated. If a bug is found, it gets fixed the next day.
With the words of the reverend: " Excellent addon, highly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing it. Customer support is fantastic. " Period.
Thanks for this excellent add-on. Nothing else has done so much to increase my ranking in Pagespeed Insights.
Mobile users are living in a golden age. This addon eliminates a major deficiency. Thanks mazzly....
Implemented on a very large XF installation; super easy. Excellent FAQ, instructions, and support. If I could give 10 stars, I would!
This is a must have add-on for every XenForo forum owner! The user experience is top notch and of course, speed is unmatched. I used SEO2 before and I can confidently say that this is a whole new experience. And taking part in early testing, I can assure you that it's ready for prime time!
Great addon, great support and just 1 day after installing I can alread see traffic from Google. Easy advertising management too. Quality worth the price.
As an early beta tester, I've seen great results. 20% rise in both traffic and revenue. Faster pages all ranking good in Google tools. High mobile scores. Picking up and ranking for keywords I had been in page 5 for a long time.
I am very happy that someone finally fills this gap with an addon. Everyone who works with GoogleAds knows how much they slow down the MobileStyle of XF. However, since the speed of the mobile pages plays an important role in Google ranking, this addon fills an important gap that enables users with slow internet connections to quickly get mobile websites with advertising presented. This is of course also in Google's sense what Google honors accordingly.

The included bot that finds and displays broken links in websites is indispensable for those who have migrated from ~ vBulletin to XF. We were able to fix hundreds of things like "http: // javascript ..." and similar broken links. In addition, there is good support from the author. Keep it up.
A must-have add-on. I have seen an increase in traffic and revenue thanks to this fantastic add-on and attention-to-detail developer. Keep it up!
Elegant addon that may help bring some additional search traffic. Great support by the author and speedy fixes.
Unfortunately XenForo doesn't provide an official AMP solution, a request so demanded by so many administrators, and Mazzly solved that problem with a very professional work and should be hired by XF to become part of the team along with other notable developers in our XF Community.

I'm a owner of a very big and busy Forum and i can tell by myself my experience with this add-on was perfectly, including the awesome support, basically on real time depending on the problem.

All the bugs, fixes and requests posted on the thread are immediately resolved by the developer. It's literally a real time support. Each user, each problem, each request was treated personally by him, with no complains and a lot of professionalism. Always in good mod and always willing to help. Just check the discussion thread and see by your own eyes.

Since my add on installation is recent, i cannot offer much statistics about it, but the AMP feature is a must have for any kind of site and this apply, of course, to our XenForo platform. Is just a matter of time to search engines do their job (already crawling since day 1) and given my better SEO results. The Bot that come along with the add-on works like a charm, finding and suggesting corrections along the board.

Yes, a must have. And XenForo should implement this as a official solution.
My second day on this add-on and it has been interesting! Already got more than a thousand hits on amp pages as per analytics. More than 1000 pages indexed as well according to search console.

Ever since I stopped blogging, amp was one of the tech that I wanted to use on my forum that was easily available on WordPress. And this finally gives me that experience. Developer has been super responsive to the bunch of bug reports I submitted.
I've been holding back on a review to ensure I'm seeing results -- indeed GSC is reflecting the change in a positive way, and mazzly's Amp Bot is useful for problem analysis. Great job on this add-on, will probably only become more important as things evolve.
Excellent work!

This was needed for a long time.

So far, this addon does what exactly I was looking for.
Brilliant addon! I had some problems with the display of AMP pages due to a customized style and with insertion of AdSense ads, but Mazzly helped me super fast and now everything works! Great work!
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