AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2

AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 1.4.7. PL 5

No permission to buy (€50.00)
Great addon, highly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing it. Customer support is great and it works.
Thanks for this excellent add-on. Nothing else has done so much to increase my ranking in Pagespeed Insights.
The addon does what it says. And the most important, the developer reply to any enquiries and customer service is top . Highly recommend it and very quality addon and services!!!
Implemented on a very large XF installation; super easy. Excellent FAQ, instructions, and support. If I could give 10 stars, I would!
Mobile users are living in a golden age. This addon eliminates a major deficiency. Thanks mazzly....
With the words of the reverend: " Excellent addon, highly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing it. Customer support is fantastic. " Period.
Great addon, great support. A must-have add-on for xenForo. Regularly updated. If a bug is found, it gets fixed the next day.
Excellent addon, highly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing it. Customer support is fantastic.
Easy to install, simple and clear ACP interface/options, and lightning fast customer support! This mod is a no-brainer for XF forum owners.
Just installed - support is awesome. So far so good. I will report back with my findings once Google updates its cache.
Im very happy. Super support level. Thank you. Will update my review after 1-2 month with real results.
Never seen so fantastic support from developer. Whatever is wrong, the fix is there in 30 minutes. Keep up the awesome work!
Best Add-on, Perfect support, And awesome results in just 3 Days.
I recommend this Add-on with a Closed eye :)
The add-on works great!
I love the AMPbot that is running from the developers website which crawls your AMP pages for errors and gives you tips to enhance the add-on. Works way better then the GSC.

The support is in one word excellent.
We use a custom add-on and AMP didn't work there. The developer asked me about that add-on before I got to it and after some testing AMP was working great there too.
It's not cheap for larger forums but well worth the money! Earn itself back 😉
I required an update today morning to compatible with [UW] Forum Comments System, and he is speedy to update it. Thank you very much for your best support. This is a must-have add-on for any forum.
1/30 update - I've provided stats to demonstrate performance of my small site. There certainly could be some other factors at play, but there's no doubting that this addon has helped me focus on fixing page problems and tending to fundamentals, all while beginning my AMP presence.
Nice addon. Thae Author is very responsive and quickly fix any bugs that may be founded. Thanky for creating this "little" addon.
I dont write reviews usually because im lazy but i like this addon and the devoloper support. My traffic has not changed but its soon to speak, the amp robot its useful to fix old things from imports.
This is a awesome addon. The author listens and fixes bugs very quickly.
Must have for any forum to get more traffic to your site.
Thank you very much.
Awesome add-on, the Author listens and incorporates the user's feedback on this add-on. The AMPbot feature really helps clean up an old conversion as well. Already seeing Google and Bing picking it up as well. This is a must have for any forum to drive more traffic to your site. This should be incorporated by default along with the AMPbot.