Advanced Bb Codes Pack

Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.9.4

No permission to buy ($35.00)
  • Bugfix & features for 'mod interrupt' moderator bb-codes (stop/alert/information/warning)
    • Fix that SVG's would not be generated correctly when the site is in release mode
    • Add "Mod Interrupt bb-code: Moderator only rendering" option allow stop/alert/information/warning to be rendered for non-moderators while not adding these to the editor
    • Add additional css classes to bb-codes (mod_interrupt--staff-threadmark/mod_interrupt--is-moderator)
  • Add logging when parse_less_func template helper function encounters errors instead of swallowing exceptions. To generate XF error log entries, use parse_less_func('expression', true).
  • Fix that mod alert/info/warning/stop bbcode had an editor icon with an absolute path and did not handle if the forum is in a sub-folder.
  • Add [justify]/[sub]/[sup] bbcodes inspired by TinyQuattro XF1.x add-on
  • Out of beta, as it looks stable