Advanced Bb Codes Pack

Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.8.6

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  • Set editor caret to be inside various bb-code blocks instead of outside when using the dialog to add them
Editor icons require XF2.1, will require edit various bb-codes to add vapid icons when using XF2.0!

  • Consistently support case-insensitive bb-code options
  • In XF2.1, support key:value options for more sliders/bimg/encadre attributes (note; todo document)
  • Add "Slider - Default autoplay" style property
  • Add "Anchor" bb-code - tinyQuatro compatible.
  • Add "Apply Height/Width Restrictions" style property for bb-code with height/width restriuction style properties
  • Update installer to check conditional dependencies (Svg Template & Threadmarks) to ensure they are the minimum supported versions.
  • Add editor pop-up dialogs for the following bb-code;
    • accordion
    • anchor
    • article
    • bimg
    • encadre
    • fieldset
    • latex
    • slider
    • tabs
    • mod bb-code
  • Add per-device option to show text with 'transparent' color as inline-spoiler via toggle on each post
  • bimg now handles XF images & attaches as content.
  • Add style properties (aka color picker) for encadre's header in default & alt skins
  • Tabs & accordions now support arbitrary bb-code in headers via the [side_header][/side_header] bb-code.
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  • Fix justify bb-code
  • Fix bimg image compare for non-debug forums
  • Fix default width type not sticking for accordions, and tabs
  • Tale #2 at fixing "Error rendering template public:sv_bbcode_accordion.less"
  • Consistently support block-align options across various tags, and make the LESS files more less-like and less pure CSS like
    • supported tags; bimg/latex/article/encadre/slider/gview/fieldset/tabs/accordion
  • Fixed xtable stripping newlines of content unexpectedly & fixed supported for nested xtable
  • Update HR bb-code definition to fix a lack of php callback rendering the bb-code useless
  • Update TABS bb-code definition to remove the incorrect example
  • Update XTABLE bb-code definition to remove unused "stop line break conversion" option
  • Fix for Fatal Error: Trait 'SV\Utils\InstallerHelper' not found for very new installs without any other add-ons by myself
  • Add option to hide moderator-only bb-code from help page
  • Do not auto-threadmark mod-tags which are quoted
  • Fix accordion css/less when public-header doesn't have a background color
  • Fix issues with installer after installing, uninstalling and then re-installing
  • Fix compatibility issue (editor disappears when disabling mod bb-code) with @Lukas W.'s Editor & BB Code Manager
  • Fix default slider width type (percentage vs type) not being applied, resulting in 400% width attribute being applied by default
  • Adjust tabs/slider/accordion default with to 90% from fixed width in pixels
  • Convert xtable/hr/h1/h2/h3/h4 to custom bb-code entries
  • Allow custom bb-code provided by this add-on to be edited on a live site, only missing bb-code are imported on install/upgrade.
  • Support XF2.1-style multiple-options for bb-code which support dimensions (ie [slider width=300px height=200px])
    Supported bb-code
    • accordion (width/height)
    • bimg (width/height)
    • encadre (width)
    • fieldset (width)
    • latex (width/height)
    • slider (width/height)
    • tabs (width/height)
    • xtable (width/height)
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  • Bugfix & features for 'mod interrupt' moderator bb-codes (stop/alert/information/warning)
    • Fix that SVG's would not be generated correctly when the site is in release mode
    • Add "Mod Interrupt bb-code: Moderator only rendering" option allow stop/alert/information/warning to be rendered for non-moderators while not adding these to the editor
    • Add additional css classes to bb-codes (mod_interrupt--staff-threadmark/mod_interrupt--is-moderator)
  • Add logging when parse_less_func template helper function encounters errors instead of swallowing exceptions. To generate XF error log entries, use parse_less_func('expression', true).
  • Fix that mod alert/info/warning/stop bbcode had an editor icon with an absolute path and did not handle if the forum is in a sub-folder.