Add Skimlinks Code

Add Skimlinks Code 1.4.0

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New feature that allows you to specify forums that should not execute the Skimlinks code.

Fixes an issue with installing the add-on (the code event listener for the template hook was still defined despite it not being used).

Please, as a precaution, disable the old version before installing the new version if you're still running 1.2.0 of the add-on.
This version completely drops support for XenForo 1.1.x.

The old version is still available, but that will not contain this new feature.

The new feature this add-on includes is the ability to define another set of usergroups whose content is not subject to Skimlinks.

Quite simply, for the usergroups you specify, it adds class="noskim" to their messages. This prevents their content from rendering Skimlinks.
Thank you so much for donating. It is always appreciated!

Warning: This update will disable the add-on until you configure the new options.


This update introduces a brand new usergroup selector that allows you to choose which of your users have the Skimlinks.

After installing, you will need to select some usergroups or the add-on will be disabled.

The add-on has also had its folder structure change.

I recommend a full uninstall, and to delete all skimlinks files from the server before installing this new version.
This update now includes an option in Admin CP which when click will only render the Skimlinks code for guests.

If this option is not selected then the code will show for everyone.
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